3 Wineries You Must See in Macedonia’s Povardarie Wine Region

Macedonia is currently home to hectares of vineyards and also a lengthy history of viticulture currently spanning over 2,000 years! I had the pleasure of visiting this country earlier this season to make you the very best of what do to see and eat.

Wineries You Have To See in the Povardarie Wine Region

Popova Kula

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Here we will explore the 3 wineries you have to visit in Macedonia’s Povardarie Wine Region.

Stobi Winery

Povardarie: Located in central Macedonia in the fertile Vardar River Valley.

The wines out of Povardarie are spread all around the world and are known to be of exceptional quality. The two varieties discovered here would be Vranec and Smederevka. Vranec is a red grape which delivers a wine that is ruby-red that is medium-bodied .

Vranec pairs with broiled and grilled meats. Smederevka is among the varieties. It’s a candy white table wine which goes well with green fries, cheese, and fish, particularly on warm days. It can be mixed with pop and functioned as a spritzer.

P?inja-Osogovo: Located in southern Macedonia, this area produces international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay Noir, and Pinot Noir, among many others. It also produces a Balkan wine that is dry and bloated Zilavka, and best served with poultry meals, seafood, pasta, sausage, pasta, and desserts.

Pelagonija-Polog: Located in western Macedonia, the Pelagonija-Polog area is accountable for producing 13 percent of the nation’s wine. A variety of wines are created here, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Riesling Zilavka, and Prokupec. Prokupec is. It is commonly used for mixing to create Syrah rosé, and Pinot Noir, but could be served on its own. It has a colour and contains traces of sour cherry. It pairs nicely with pasta, light appetizers, and vegetables.

The Povardarie Wine Region is a tourist destination that is famous. Visitors will discover that it is simple to arrange excursions to the wineries for tastings dining adventures, and overnight stays in winery hotels that are different.

Popova Kula Winery is constantly being named as one of the greatest wineries in Macedonia. This handsome estate provides hotel accommodations, dining, sightseeing tours, cooking lessons, and folklore shows. For is your wine tasting, However, what everybody goes. Even the Popova Kula vineyards are located on the south west slopes of Mount Veliko Brdo at the of the Povardarie Wine Region. Here, over 20 wines are produced: much more, and Vranec Tamjanika Zilavka Stanushina.

Stanushina is known to generate high-quality wine with hints of strawberry, strawberry, along with other sweet notes and is a cherry solely developed in Macedonia. Popova Kula sells a version, and is the manufacturer of Stanushina in the world.

Visiting Popova Kula Winery for a tasting is a necessity for any wine lover. Email reservation@popovakula.com.mk.

Winery Tikves is your largest and most awarded winery in Macedonia. Winery Tikves has been in business for over 125 years and produces over 24 types of wine, of which the most hunted are Traminec, T’ga za jug (a kind of Vranec), Chardonnay, Alexandria Cuvée (a lineup of blended wines), and also the famous Tikves brandy, Lozova Rakija.

Tikves also creates a line of Terroir wines (Terroir is how a particular area’s climate, soils and terrain affect the taste of wine. Some areas are believed to possess greater’terroir’ than others.) These include Bela Voda brands and their Barovo — either of which are made by combining different varieties.

Winery Tikves offers wine tours and tastings (minimal two days advanced booking is needed ). The wine cellar has been available to visitors Monday — Saturday, from 10% to 6 pm. You may make dining reservations in the Tikves Winery Restaurant.

Stobi Winery is another winery located in the of the Povardarie Wine Region.

3 Wineries You Must See in Macedonia

It gets its name from the nearby town of Stobi. Stobi has over 600 hectares of vineyard that produce both white and red types such as Muscat Ottonel, Zilavka, Shiraz, and Petit Verdot.

Stobi has four wine tags — Premium, Classic, Elite, and Conventional to suit every taste. Some of their wines include Syrah (Premium), Stobi Cuvée (Classic), Rosé Allegro (Elite), also Makedonsko Belo (Traditional).

3 Wineries You Must See in Macedonia

It’s highly recommended to reserve a lunch in the restaurant, where you are going to get to the various wines of sample Stobi and enjoy traditional Macedonian dishes and desserts. We urge the Stobi Wine & Dine Tour (120 minutes) which includes a tour of the winery with an expert guide plus a sampling of appetizers, meats, cheeses, and wines. Email visit@stobiwinery.mk to reserve a tour.

The Ohrid Summer Festival in July and August is extremely popular among tourists, but the temperatures and crowds can end up being too stressful for a number of travelers.

Macedonian summers are warm and winters are cold and moist, so we recommend visiting during the shoulder season once the weather is moderate (mid-April into June and September to October).

You are in luck, if you’re arranging a trip for September. This can be when the harvest occurs in Povardarie. The city of Kavadarci hosts the Festival of Wine and Grapes”Tikveski Grozdober” every year during the first week of September. This annual event marks the beginning of the crop in the Tikves area. Festivities include wine presentations, folklore displays, concerts and wine tastings, food booths, shops, and procession through he principal streets of Kavadarci.

So that you have my selections you must visit in the Povardarie Wine Region. I had the pleasure of visiting every one, sampling their goods, and getting to understand the devoted wine manufacturers behind the scenes. Macedonia might not be the world wine manufacturer, but its wines are abundant and full of taste — the consequence of two or more millennia of practice to get them perfect!

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In case you have ant suggestions for wineries to go to in Povardarie or some other of Macedonia’s wine areas, please leave us a comment below!

3 Wineries You Must See in Macedonia