Best 4 Luxury Bush Lodges in Malawi

You likely would not be alone in believing that the African bush is not the place for a luxury retreat. But you also wouldn’t be alone in being confused! Malawi has experienced a rise in interest due to wildlife and its natural beauty, and such is currently home to some incredibly luxurious hotels-right in the bush!  Here are our selections for the 4 luxury bush lodges in Malawi:

Chelinda Lodge

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Tongole Safari Lodge

Best 4 Luxury Bush Lodges in Malawi

Chelinda Lodge is an excellent choice for anybody visiting Nyika National Park. Incorporated into the Wilderness Safaris group in 2012, Chelinda Lodge boasts fine dining eight exclusive luxury eco-lodges and views of Nyika National Park. Each cabin was built with pine and stone, features a large ensuite bathroom, wood burning fireplace floor seating room and balcony to get wildlife. Each cabin features a rich elegance that you won’t locate in a different hotel in Malawi.

Mvuu Lodge

The specialist staff caters to your every demand. With turndown service and home-style foods, it’s easy to become spoiled here. Near the lodge is Chelinda Camp — a great solution for the independent nature lover who would like nature’s tranquility with creature comforts nearby. It’s four chalets complete with kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Chelinda Camp is just a five-minute walk down a path in the lodge reception place and seems over a scenic dam.

Mkulumadzi Lodge

Cost range: $325 — $550, Comprehensive rates (vary seasonally)


Even the Tongole Safari Lodge is not your average hotel. In addition, it has all of the comforts of a hotel including bathrooms with soaking tubs, private balconies and riverside cottages and charm.

Breezy and serene, dining room and the shrub house-style reception is striking and practical. Rich colours and a hot color scheme provide a look to this lodge. The tranquility of fine dining , lavish guestrooms and the woods create Tongole the ultimate couple’s retreat.

Cost range: $275 — $345 per Day, depending on the season (includes all meals, drinks, alcoholic Drinks, laundry, game viewing activities, fishing and Playground fees)

Best 4 Luxury Bush Lodges in Malawi

Situated on the banks of the Shire River is Your Mvuu Lodge.

Mvuu means”hippo” in the native Chichewa speech, and it can be a name that alludes to the flourishing hippo population that resides in the park. Operated by one of the major picnic groups of Africa for the past 30 years, Wilderness Safaris, Mvuu Lodge has all you need to optimize game even an open reception reception area with views from the Shire River.

Here, you are able to see hippos, crocs and creatures without having to move a muscle. All eight guest chalets are beautifully decorated and personal. Who said you need to rough it at the bush?

Each chalet has an ensuite bathroom, private deck overlooking the water, along with custom handmade furniture. Another (a less costly ) alternative is the Mvuu Camp that is nearby.

Cost range: $360 — $540 per person, per night (include meals, guided game viewing, Laundry and Activities )

Best 4 Luxury Bush Lodges in Malawi

This boutique-style luxury lodge is the best lodging in the Majete Wildlife Reserve. Facilities comprise an impressive lobby/dining region decorated with handmade furniture and original art along with eight stunning figurines chalets with private decks.

As part of the Robin Pope Safaris brand, Mkulumadzi Lodge has a record for exceptional game viewing and customer satisfaction. Visitors like tranquility and seclusion amidst organic environment.

Sounds of grunting hippos, chirping birds and a river will be the symphony of your stay — it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Best 4 Luxury Bush Lodges in Malawi

Cost range: $306 — $378 per person, per Evening depending on the season (rate includes all meals, afternoon tea, bar drinks, laundry, game drives, river cruises and escorted hikes)

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