Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

With 9,941 kilometers of shoreline in complete, there is a seemingly endless source of beaches in Greece everyone. Beaches are often pockmarked with caves and grottoes and can vary from sandy to pebbly to rocky. The beaches in Greece everyone must visit are representative of this wide range.

Super Paradise Beach — Mykonos

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From heavily-visited beaches to more remote shores, Greece’s best beaches provide unforgettable experiences and stunning Mediterranean vistas. Whether you are swimmer, a sunbather, or a nature enthusiast, there’s something. These are the top 10 beaches in Greece everyone.

Navagio Beach — Zakynthos

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Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

One of Greece’s most famous and most touristed beaches, Super Paradise Beach on the island of Mykonos is famous for its parties and beach bars. There’s no shore better, if you are looking to let loose and have a crazy time!

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

Perissa Beach — Santorini

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Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

But Super Paradise Beach is free-flowing alcohol and more than just ragers. The beach also boasts sand, top sunbathing, and clearand turquoise waters. It is among the best beaches along the Aegean Sea. It is also among those 10 beaches in Greece everyone must visit!

Porto Katsiki — Lefkada

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

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Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

One of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, Navagio Beach on the island of Zakynthos is also one of its most popular. Boasting mesmerizing turquoise waters, white sands, and sheer white cliffs, this beach is also only available by means of a water taxi in Porto Vromi.

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

Elafonisi Beach — Crete

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

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Also known as Shipwreck Bay, the shore was home to the rusted wreck of this Panayiotis, a ship carrying illegal smokes. It is a addition that is exceptional and helps make Navagio among the best beaches in Greece everyone should visit. Don’t allow the crowds deter you!

Myrtos Beach — Kelafonia

Santorini’s island has been celebrated for its remarkable beaches and Perissa Beach lives up to the hype. Take a dip in its crystal-clear waters, play some beach volleyball, or invest your day lounging around the provided couches or sunbeds.

Canal d’Amour Beach — Corfu

Not only is Perissa Beach you can rub shoulders with it. The shore is a hotspot for many of the world’s top DJs. Actors visit to enjoy its beauty and amenities. This is no matter what, just one Greek shore you have to see!

Balos Beach – Crete

You would be hard-pressed to obtain a scenic shore about the coast of Lefkada than Porto Katsiki. Lying in the shadow of a stunning white cliff that gleams glowing orange at sunset, its views of the Ionian Sea are unmatched.

Ftelia Beach — Mykonos

Porto Katsiki, which translates to”port of the goats,” is Lefkada’s most renowned beach and was voted among the six best beaches on the Mediterranean. After only a few minutes there, it’s evident it’s among the beaches in Greece everyone!

Sarakiniko Beach — Milos

In the northwestern shore of Crete, you will find a little islet Elafonisi and nature reserve that boasts a pink coral shore. Its place away from Crete’s towns gets the islet feel more private than different beaches.


The shore features shallow waters that make it feasible to cross the lagoon. Additionally, it leaves because the waters are excellent for households with children.

You can’t go wrong with Myrtos Beach, if you’re looking for a beach with waters. The shore rests in the base of towering seas and is known for its white sands and cerulean waters.

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

Head up to the pond overlooking Myrtos Beach to appreciate Kelafonia perspectives. Just take a deep breath of air to explore the depths abroad. Where you can locate the Assos Castle, the beach can be found close to the village of Assos.

Those interested in a romantic Greek shore for them and their significant other to appreciate, Canal d’Amour on the island of Corfu may be right up their alley. Situated between Sidari Beach and the village of Peroulades, this beach’s name actually translates to”station of love.”

Its most famous feature is the narrow channel, although tiny beaches and grottoes litter the area. It is stated that anybody who dared it’s going to get their life’s love on the opposing side in the event you go to Canal d’Amour solo, get to swimming!

We can’t talk about the top 10 beaches without mentioning Balos Beach on the island of Crete in Greece everyone must visit. Reachable by boat from Chania and located near Kissamo, the shore has an feel.

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

Just take some time to bask in the glory of the pink-and-white sands and waters that are vibrant of this beach. Then, turn your attention to nearby Gramvousa Islet, in which you will discover a lonely, medieval Venetian castle.

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

Travelers looking for a remote shore on a island are in luck. The shore is a semicircular strip of sand that perfectly hugs the shoreline and the coastline. The water is excellent for aquatic activities such as windsurfing and swimming.

Ftelia Beach is reachable by car, which means you might choose to rent a vehicle. Otherwise, you’ll have to depend on the island’s couple of taxis. The effort is well worth it; it’s just one of Mykonos’ beaches and is a beach in Greece everyone.

Among the most unique beaches in Greece everyone must visit is Sarakiniko Beach on the island of Milos. The principal landmarks are its rock formations, which pounding winds and waves shaped for millennia. They give the shore an otherworldlysubmerged feel.

Beyond its rock formations, Sarakiniko Beach boasts waters close to shore. The waters get a richer blue in color and deeper the further you venture out. Between the enchanting waters and rock formations that are fascinating, Sarakiniko Beach is just one that cannot be missed!

In terms of beaches, Greece has got something for everyone. Between the waters, magnificent cliffs, and islands, you can’t go wrong using a shore that is Greek. Reserve a vacation to Greece today to begin an unforgettable beach vacation that you will never need to end!

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Everybody Has To Visit

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