Guide to Bozcaada Island: Things To See and Do

Bozcaada is a island in the Aegean Sea’s northern part.

Previously called Tenedos, the island has long been the key to entry into the Dardanelles Strait, which as you might be aware, provides access. To put it differently, anyone who wanted control had to get naval forces.

Modern Day Bozcaada

Throughout history Tenedos belonged to the Greek, Persian, Roman, and Byzantine Empires before becoming part of the Ottoman Empire at 1455.

Supposedly it was here that the Trojan Horse was constructed and where the Spartans parked their boats until the surprise attack.

What to Do

During the summer months this number can swell to over 10,000, although bozcaada has an area of 38 square kilometers and a little population of approximately 2,500. The island has long been a middle of wine production (800 B.C.) plus there is still an energetic viniculture. One third of the island is devoted to growing grapes.

The Way to Get into Bozcaada

Guide to Bozcaada Island: Things To See and Do

Why Go?

Bozcaada’s Greek and Turkish traditions have significantly impacted the island’s culture. Though the island’s most longtime inhabitants have moved off, the Greek shore of Bozcaada keeps its original street plan and homes. The district has a completely different look and feel with beautiful mosques, narrow roads , fountains, and hammams. Life in Bozcaada is serene and easy, which makes the island the ideal escape for a small R&R.

Guide to Bozcaada Island: Things To See and Do

See the Castle: As you approach the island you will understand that the Bozcaada Castle. Constructed beneath the ruins of former lands, the Bozcaada Castle overlooks the northeastern end of the island. The structure was built during the reign of Mahmut II. Once indoors, you can climb the walls for exceptional views of the marina and city center up. Bozcaada Castle is available every day.

Go Swimming: Ayazma and Habbele are definitely the most well-known beaches, but Bozcaada’s shore is dotted with secluded coves and virgin shores. Travelers maintain a place all their own and must pack their equipment. Bozcaada is proven to possess powerful winds, and so be aware of which direction the wind is blowing off pick a beach.

Meander the Streets: Simply walking round the town center will reveal a different blend of Turkish and Greek influences. The Greek district includes a clock tower and church, and the old tavernas are transformed into restaurants that are modern. The homes are repurposed into boutique guesthouses and charming cafés. The city center could be easily seen by you in an hour.

Eat: Attempt some of these remarkable regional food! Seafood, tomatoes, figs, fresh herbs, beef, rabbit, and olive oil include the local diet. The island’s most gastronomy reflects the traditions of 500 years of Turkish-Greek cohabitation. To sample a number of the specialties of this island, visit Eski Kahve Restaurant at the town center. Eski Kahve specializes in dishes and pastries. Sit beneath the shaded veranda and order a number of Yahya Göztepe’s refreshing signature cherry juice. In addition, we suggest the traditional stuffed ravioli. It is divine!

Shop: To Glue or purchase some local wine, take a tour of a number of those six nearby wineries (Amadeus, Ataol, Corvus, Gülerada, Talay, or Yunatç?lar). For products that are local, the Veli Dede Shop has a fantastic selection of cheese, olive oil, jams, tomato paste, and much more. Local artisans honey, rose jams, water, and souvenirs.

Guide to Bozcaada Island: Things To See and Do

Other activities include: Ayazma Monastery, the windmills around the west from the island, watching the sunset out of Göztepe mountain, and also learning about the island’s history at the Bozcaada Museum from the town center.

It is situated about five kilometers from the Turkish mainland and is only accessible by ferry. Ferries depart from Geyikli and Çanakkale every day. The Geyikli ferry doesn’t need pre-booking and vehicles have been all permitted. The ferry out of Çanakkale demands pre-booking at least 24 hours and also is for passengers. You might also take a ferry from Istanbul, which requires about 8 hours.

Guide to Bozcaada Island: Things To See and Do

You are craving a taste of island life and if you find yourself in Turkey, make time for Bozcaada. Its atmosphere and casual vibe which makes it ideal for a weekend holiday that is fuss-free. There are lots of bed and breakfasts available on the island, in addition to restaurants, supermarkets, stores, and an array of lovely beaches. If you’re for the day or two, you’ll find Bozcaada to become an enchanting escape from Turkey.

Guide to Bozcaada Island: Things To See and Do

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Guide to Bozcaada Island: Things To See and Do

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