VIDEO: What to See and Do in Melaka, Malaysia

Welcome to the Town of Melaka.

It’s the largest city in Malaysia and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

VIDEO: What to See and Do in Melaka, Malaysia

It was established at the 14th century by an fleeing prince in Sumatra. It was later colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and finally the British. I am going to show you whatever that you may see and do from the Old Town today. You simply need one to see that, now lets explore Melaka!

Christ Church was built by the Dutch from 1753 to commemorate the job of the city. The British afterwards converted to an Anglican Church it.   The next is St Paul’s Church, which was the Primary church in Melaka before the Dutch built Christ Church. Before if the British came and that the Portugues used as a catholic church it they used it .

Porta de Santiago or A Famosa is the one of the earliest surviving structures in Malaysia. Taming Sari Tower is really a twirling observation deck that requires you 100 meters from the skies to acquire views of Old Town Melaka.

Melaka is sexy! By eating a cendol and the very perfect way is. I am trying a fancy one with Durian, a fruit that people love. Mix up, and attempt! It taste delicious although the fruit is infamous for its smell!

This is aka Melaka’s Chinatown street, Jonker Street. It was full of stores but those have since given way. The 1 dish that you want to test here is Nyonya Laksa, which includes spices, chillies, chicken, shrimp and egg, it is so good!

VIDEO: What to See and Do in Melaka, Malaysia

Cheng Hoon Tenge Temple is the oldest temple in Malaysia. It practices the 3 doctrinal systems of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.   It’s one of the most beautiful temples in Malaysia and it should not be missed!

Melaka is a colonial town certainly worth a trip.

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