Month: February 2020

VIDEO: Touring Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park: Seeing the Mariposario (Butterfly Farm)

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David’s Been This is Vacationing the Magnificent Tortuguero National Park of Costa Rica. This David and crew head to the Mariposario, or decoration farm of the park. With three different kinds of butterflies on screen in this enclosed surroundings, you can witness their various phases of development and growth as they become the beautiful creatures ….  Read More

How to Decrease the Risk of Growing Traveler’s Diarrhea

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It is known around the world by different, cool-sounding titles, such as Delhi Belly Montezuma’s Revenge, along with Tourista, but in actuality, there’s nothing fun about traveler’s diarrhea. What is Traveler’s Diarrhea? Because its symptoms include frequent stools and abdominal cramps that are at times painful, it’s among the most unpleasant aspects of travel. It ….  Read More

VIDEO: Where to Stay in Costa Rica’s Tortuguero: Mawamba Lodge

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David’s Been Here brings you Costa Rica: The Mawamba Lodge. With magnificent surroundings, a butterfly and frog plantation, beach and swimming pool access, tours available and some excellent food too – everything you need is tucked into this great Tortuguero lodge. Walk round the interior and exterior as David movies the surroundings of this silent, ….  Read More