How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

The KTX bullet train will soon become their new friend, for any traveler exploring South Korea within the span of weeks or days. Nevertheless, the ordinary traveler might have questions in which the train moves, and even what the KTX is.

What is the KTX Bullet Train?

Booking Online

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I am writing this guide to share the information as I crisscrossed my way around the 20, I learned first-hand. It’s my hope that I will have the ability to assist fellow travelers browse this type of transport that is Korean. And the information here will help you get the country around efficiently and easily!  This is my guide about how to ride the KTX bullet train at South Korea.

Booking Your KTX Tickets

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

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How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

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The KTX is short for “Korea Train Express.” It’s South Korea’s high-speed railroad system, that is operational since April 1, 2004. The KTX railway system contains two lines that serve areas of the country. The KTX rail system, making travel between them links together Each one of the country’s biggest cities.

Traveling from Seoul to Busan

First Class

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The KTX bullet train is an extremely quick mode of transport. This way, it is quite like its counterparts from China and Japan, each of which I rode in 2019.

Traveling Between Daegu and Busan

Economy Class

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KTX bullet trains travel at speeds up to 190 miles per hour. Due to the high rate of speed in using them cuts traveling times between towns that are Korean. A driveway from Busan on the country’s southeast coast to Seoul in the northwest takes 4-5 hours minimum but often takes much longer because of traffic. Otherwise, the KTX cuts on the transport time between both to as little as 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Traveling from Busan to Seoul

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How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

Four KTX lines Stretch out from Seoul alone: Gyeonjeon, Honam, the Gyeongbu, and Jeolla lines.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

The Gyeongbu line is the one for you, if you are considering travel between Seoul and Busan. It’s easily the best choice to get the country around once you learn how to ride the KTX bullet train.

In addition to the KTX bullet train being convenient and quick, it is also reasonably priced. Travelers who book their tickets in advance or travel as part of a team will enjoy further discounts.

KTX bullet train schedules can be checked by you up to one month beforehand. Tickets can be bought up to a month beforehand there. I personally recommend if you are planning on traveling on weekends booking your KTX bullet train tickets 4-5 days. And even though the trains are quick, I suggest reserving your tickets for early in the day as possible, especially in the event that you have limited time. That way, you’ll to spend more time.

Those is going to be happy to understand that a range of discounts might be available. On the day of your booking, you can get a reduction of up to 20% off your ticket price As an example, based on which type of ticket you purchase. Those traveling at a set of 10 or more folks are entitled to a discount, and adults accompanying a kid get a 75 percent off the purchase price of the ticket that is adult.

When you reserve your ticket online, I strongly suggest printing out your booking details. Take this together with your passport, to a ticket counter, and you need to receive your tickets with no issue. Have your booking number prepared to create the process of getting your ticket go easily if you can’t print out your booking.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

In addition to the KTX bullet train official site, tickets can be purchased at ticket counters around the country, in addition to at ticket machines at the train stations.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

When I traveled from Seoul to Busan, I Started my journey in South Korea at Seoul Station, the largest station.

This is really where I learned to ride the KTX bullet train. It’s large and busy but is still small when compared to the stations in Japan and China. The channel contains 15 tracks.

I suggest getting to the channel at least 20 or 30 minutes ahead of your departure time. This will give you time get down to the platform, if you would like this, catch some food, and to get your tickets. I suggest going down to the trail to wait ahead, which is something you can’t do at China, to make certain you’re on time to your train.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

KTX bullet trains are punctual and depart five minutes once they arrive. In other words, they won’t await you. You’ll head down to the paths from the main hall.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

I traveled by Seoul to Busan Throughout my Period in South Korea.

My first trip proved to be a First Class excursion with my group of fellow travel bloggers together with the Korea Tourism Organization.

After grabbing a rice cake pole and a green tea latte out of Seoul Station’s Dunkin Donuts, we all boarded the car. It is extremely pleasant and has a lot of legroom. The seats are organized in a 2-1 configuration and very comfortable. There’s free WiFi in addition to a channel where you can charge your electronic equipment.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

First Class riders on the KTX bullet train receive a welcome kit that comprises some snacks (a cookie and some nuts) and a hand wash. Make the most of the hand wipes in South Korea, that can be supplied. They are a great way to keep your hands clean! There are also complimentary water vending machines out there.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

The 325-kilometer, 2.5-hour trip to Busan breezes by. It’s smooth and silent, and the train slips as if it’s floating on air. So that you do not disturb other passengers just remember to remain silent on these.

My Economy Class KTX bullet train ticket price 59,800 won, that is just under $50 USD. In the car is an area for luggage. South Korea is entirely safe, which means you don’t have to be worried about someone stealing it or going through your things.

Economy class is comfortable. The seats recline and offer plenty of legroom, which is perfect if you are a six-foot-tall traveler like me. There’s also complimentary WiFi onboard, and that means you’ll have the ability scroll through Instagram to have some job done, and send text messages.

The ride to Busan is smooth and silent, even when the car is stuffed to capacity. Throughout the KTX bullet train ride, you are going to pass through plenty of rice and farming communities tunnels, and hills. The Korean countryside is beautiful, so take some time to appreciate it. Or you can do like I did and sleep most of the way!

Busan Station at Busan has plenty so if you are touring ancient, there are many food options out there. I suggest obtaining some bibimbap and sundubu jjigae, that costs only $8.22 USD.

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

An Economy Class ticket in Busan to Daegu prices roughly $14 USD, or just 17,100 won. Like all KTX bullet train rides, the travel is comfortable. On top of that, it takes just 50 minutes to get to Daegu, and that means you’ll get there in a flash!

How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea

In Dongdaegu Station I grabbed my KTX bullet train ride back on my return trip to Busan. I suggest riding Economy!

As I mentioned previously, Busan Station is filled with restaurants, in addition to convenience stores, therefore I suggest if you would like to eat, arriving well in advance of the departure time. Another excellent Korean food choice on the next level is the kimchi stew, that comes with odeng fish cakes, mushrooms, kimchi, as well as rice.

First Class was ridden by me back. My ticket price 83,700 won, or about $69 USD. It’s a excellent value to get a ride that crosses the country!

The seats come with an attached table and are made from a material. The seats have an outlet and recline for maximum comfort. You enjoy using chocolate chip cookie and mixed nuts at the welcome kit and can peruse the supplied KTX Magazine. Remember to use your hand wash!

If you become thirsty, catch a complimentary jar of water. If you have to ease yourself there is also a nice, clean bathroom with a toilet and a sink on board. A significant component of the way to ride the KTX bullet train is currently purchasing food because, to trains, no food is served besides the welcome kit.

Now that you understand how to ride the KTX bullet train from South Korea, you are going to observe that it is a quick, easy, and efficient experience. Booking your tickets and surfing the channels couldn’t be easier and the rides are comfortable, quiet, and smooth regardless of which class you select. I had no problems at all in the stations and found that the rides relaxing. They are the perfect way to travel between towns in South Korea. Book a trip to South Korea now to have your own KTX bullet train adventure!

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How to Ride the KTX Bullet Train in South Korea