10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

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Canyon Matka

Here, I sum up my top 10 places you should see in Macedonia also to inspire one to add it if it is not currently there, and to offer you an idea about how diverse this Balkan country is!

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

Mavrovo National Park

Skopje is Macedonia’s capital city and cultural hub. Here, you will find a taste of the country has adopted a contemporary European way of life while still paying tribute to its ancient past.

Saint Jovan Bigorski

There is perhaps no greater example to illustrate this combination of old and fresh than Skopje’s Stone Bridge, which connects the side of town into the Ottoman quarter. Crossing from a locality of condos and office buildings into the Old Bazaar is like traveling back in time.

Ohrid Town

You have to be time to find the city’s main sights: Plostad Makedonija (Skopje Central Square), also the 6th century Kale Fortress standing guard over town, and also the Mother Teresa Memorial House commemorating one of Skopje’s most renowned citizens and her lifelong commitment to humanitarian work for the world’s poorest people.

Monastery of St. Naum

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10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia


Located just 17 km south of Skopje, Canyon Matka is a day excursion out of the capital. Seeing Matka Lake surrounded by the walls of a gorge is the outdoorsy experience for those who love being in nature. Most people come Canyon Matka to rent a ship to carry them around to find the caves then have lunch at the Canyon Matka Hotel and Restaurant.

Heraclea Lyncestis

Canyon Matka boasts stone formations and 10 caves and crevices. Vrelo Cave is the most notable one of all — the underwater cave in Europe!


It’s also home. The Treska Lake and both Matka Lake are popular sightseeing spots because of lush scenery and their calm waters.

Popova Kula Winery

Besides the natural offerings, Matka Canyon is home to three churches — the Monastery of St. Andrew, The Monastery of St. Nicholas Shishovski, and Also the Matka Monastery.

Each features exquisite frescos, some of which dates back to the 14th century.

This National Park is Macedonia stretching over 192,000 yards . Mavrovo National Park is home to the highest peaks in Macedonia and country skiing. For those looking to book a vacation Even the Mavrovo Ski Resort has four and three hotels in and around the town of Mavrovo. The best time for skiing in Mavrovo is from November to April.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

In the warmer months, Mavrovo National Park becomes lush and verdant. Lake Mavrovo is the largest lake in the country. In summer time it becomes a popular swimming and boating destination. Many choose to stay for a couple of days at a number of the hotels along the lakeshore in Mavrovo. 1 odd thing about Lake Mavrovo is the underwater St. Nicholas Church. It was purposely flooded in 1953 when the lake was dug, but has become partly exposed, making a sudden sight.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

Another place to visit from Mavrovo National Park is Sveti Jovan Bigorski (St John the Baptist) Monastery that Allegedly Comprises the forearm relic of St. John the Baptist.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

This Byzantine monastery is located on the main road from Gostivar before the village Rostusa into Debar, two kilometers.

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10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

It is famous for its own 19th century masterful colossal wood carvings and rock architecture. The wood carving shows quite a few biblical scenes from the Old and New Testament. It was carved by master musicians, Petre Filipovski and Makarie Frckovski.  If you’re not planning to devote some time in Mavrovo, while traveling between Ohrid and Skopje, it is possible to stop to find the monastery.

The town of Ohrid is the largest town along also a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural significance plus Lake Ohrid. Ohrid is the place to live for a couple days since you explore the town sites, Lake Ohrid, and the monasteries.

Do not miss out on seeing Tsar Samuil’s Fortress for views over town and the lake. Neighborhood is the 13th century St. Clement Church and the Ancient Theatre. Other must-do’s in Ohrid include seeing the frescoes of Saint Sofia (Sveti Sofia) Church and photograph St. Jovan of Kaneo Monastery.

Last but not the least, a boat ride on Lake Ohrid is. Just return to this Ohrid Marina to reserve a lake tour or ferry ride to St. Naum (see below).

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The Monastery of St. Naum (Sveti Naum) sits about 18 Kilometers from Ohrid, located on a rocky cliff near the border with Albania.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

Its impressive 16th and 17th century frescos make it a popular tourist attraction and excellent day trip option from Ohrid.

Visitors like panoramic lake views as well as the chance to see the Drim River, that flows from Lake Ohrid and to the Adriatic Sea. Have a half-hour rowboat tour through the springs of this Drim River. Afterwards, cease at Restaurant Ostrovo on one of those islands at the edge of their springs to try conventional Macedonian dishes.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

Bitola is Macedonia’s second largest city. It is located north west of Lake Ohrid near the boundary with Greece, in Macedonia. What makes Bitola one of those 10 places you should see in Macedonia is its broad assortment of items do and to see. In other words, Bitola has a terrific sampling of dining culture , and day excursion options.

Take a Look at the Top Five Things to Do in Bitola

Whether you’re staying the night or visiting Bitola on a day excursion from Ohrid, certainly begin your holiday at Magnolia Square and make your way down Širok Sokak Street (Broad Street) to navigate the shops and cafés. Taking a moment to enjoy a coffee and people watch at one of the pavement cafés is the perfect way to blend directly in. We urge Vino Bar Bure Restaurant in Magnolia Square, when hunger strikes.

Afterwards, go looking? Aršija, or even the Bazaar of Bitola. There are scores of shops here selling everything from rugs and blankets, to housewares and clothes.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

History fans should not skip on watching the ruins of Heraclea Lyncestis (see below). Once you have explored the city on foot, then you have two great day excursion options: Villa Dohovo and Pelister National Park. Pelister is a nature reserve that is popular with sailors, picknickers, and rock climbers. You will find nature trails and a couple of hotels to have lunch or to stay the night.

Villa Dohovo is simpler to handle in an afternoon — that this guesthouse and restaurant has been voted as one of”Europe’s Secret Places” by Lonely Planet. Here, you cover exactly what you want (the only thing using a predetermined cost is the alcohol). Even overnight guests are permitted to choose what they pay!  

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

The city we know now as Bitola was famous from the ancient world as Heraclea Lyncestis — a city founded in the 4th century B.C. by Phillip II of Macedon (father of Alexander the Great).

The destroys Heraclea Lyncestis are situated 2 kilometers from town centre of Bitola and contain an archaeological park which retains several buildings dating back to the Roman principle of town (Roman baths, theatre, basilicas, etc). But perhaps the top attractions of this site would be the beautiful floor mosaics depicting spiritual vision in the Byzantine era.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

The city of Stobi is one of the most significant archaeological sites of Macedonia. Stobi was first founded by the Kingdom of Paeonia in the 7th century, then finally overtaken by the Kingdom of Macedon, and afterwards by the Romans and Byzantines.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

Stobi was the capital city of this state of Macedonia Secunda. Stobi’s significance stems from its strategic position in an old Roman gambling route — a road that led in the Danube River (Serbia) all the way down into the Aegean Sea (Greece). It became an important trading hub, Since Stobi was situated along this road. Throughout the early Greek period the city had a baptistery, basilicas, and many churches.

Stobi establishes one hour’s drive northeast of Skopje near Gradsko’s town. The site is open daily 10 am to 3 pm. Entry is 120 Macedonian Denar.

10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

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10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

Popova Kula is one. It is but one of Macedonia boasting holiday tours, gourmet dining room, cooking lessons, and lodging.

Popova Kula stands out Due to its wines like Tamjanika, and Stanushina, Vranec, Prokupec, Zilavka.

We had been fortunate enough to see during harvest year, that gave us a fantastic chance to observe how the grapes are picked, cleaned and sorted before being pushed for fermentation. Popova Kula also puts on folk dance shows to its guests.

So, there you’ve got our list. It is our sincere hope your travels bring you to Macedonia to get them for yourself!

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10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia